OTT Support

WPG is the preferred partner for content streaming & live events services in the digital space

As the OverTheTop/live streaming services are skyrocketing at a rapid pace, it becomes more and more challenging for organizations to address the fast-growing subscriber base adequately. Each scalable solution is designed to adapt to workload peaks and unexpected events. We’ve developed extensive expertise in augmenting our service teams to meet the requirements of a live event.

The disruptive nature of OTT customer support makes it natural & business-wise for companies to seek outside help. WPG provides a flexible 24/7 multilingual team that stretches to even +-500% from one day to another, covering as needed specific hourly intervals when increased volumes of inquiries occur.

By trusting us, you can rest assured that your fans get the treatment they expect in real-time, interacting with agents who understand their needs. Our fan engagement solutions lead to measurable increased KPIs, with higher retention of your fan base and lower churn. We help take your fan’s satisfaction to new heights.

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