Experts in transforming customer & fan engagement from a cost center to a revenue generating department

We all know that the dynamics of customer service & digital services are rapidly evolving. The businesses that will continue to thrive are the ones that will be able to further service customer needs before they even arise (or even “create” the need).

WPG’s agile approach will improve the fan experience, reduce costs, and drive revenue. It keeps your fans engaged & more willing to acquire more of your products & services.

There are several ways to adopt a proactive strategy that will drive monetization & strengthen the bond with your clients. Amongst those, we can count:

Increasing product awareness by leveraging e-mail content, call responses to introduce new products and services to your customers.
Upsell & Cross-Sell bundles or upgrades without distorting the user experience. Example: client looking to claim warranty for a device and an upgraded version happens to be available. One might offer the upgrade at an exclusive discounted price on the spot.
Reduce attrition by offering service packages to fit actual usage rates, especially when data consumption is low. The user is most likely to perceive this emphatic approach as a customer-first approach and choose to stay.

As it pertains to Esports, recent studies and surveys suggest that Monetization is one of the biggest pain points & challenges in the industry, as it remains significantly under-monetized compared to traditional sports. Even if approximately 88% of the industry leaders ranked Esports as the highest revenue growth potential sector, the average fan monetization is expected to grow at a much lower pace.

World Performance Group, alongside its partners in the ESE Entertainment ecosystem, is first-to-market in Esports fan engagement & monetization. Leveraging ESE’s global infrastructure & production capabilities, our bespoke support, community management & influencer marketing programs are aimed at interacting at a whole new level with gamers & supporters, sharing the passion & love for the industry.

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