Fan Engagement

WPG ensures a go-to environment for Esports & Sports fans to feel closer to the action like never before

Being the first contact center in the world specialized in crafting bespoke programs aimed specifically at the Esports & Sports industries, we take pride in sharing the same passion & competitiveness for the domains like the players themselves.

During several years of experience in interacting with Sports & Gaming lovers, we’ve developed unique approaches that allow us to seamlessly communicate with demanding supporters that expect nothing but the best. Having this mindset in our strategy, WPG has managed to greatly increase its clients’ exposure especially in the younger generations segment, knowing what truly motivates fans, understanding their behavior & speaking the language of their community.

We’ve implemented an on-going adaptive process for our dedicated teams to use in their reactions, so fans can feel that they are interacting with some of their peers.

Our 24/7 scalable & specific solutions backed by our worldwide infrastructure & video production capabilities allow us to become the preferred partner for the most renowned Esports & Sports organizations.

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