Embracing omni-channel sales channels combined & powered by Data Analysis.

WPG offers a full 360-solution that integrates processes in real-time, from lead acquiring to conversion and closing, using Data Analysis tools reinforced by human expertise. We emphasize a more efficient strategy to boost sales conversion.

Customers contact businesses for many reasons – to ask questions about products or services, make changes to their account, schedule appointments, order more, initiate returns and refunds, complain, or to receive tech support over the phone. Proactive businesses reach out to customers with outbound channels to cover all bases before problems arise.

Often, businesses, by necessity, must be “jacks of all trades”, facilitating everything from marketing to closing sales, but that is not an easy task. If you want to reach new clients, you must uncover new ideas for service or product development, drive recurring business from your existing customers, or overcome growing pains. In that case, WPG’s high expertise in outbound services may be the best answer.


For our B2B customers, we provide custom-made telemarketing services & campaigns. Our staff works on the initial groundwork of identifying & pre-qualifying new business relationships. We then work with you on converting these leads into new customers and revenue streams.

Our team acts as an extension of your company by introducing your product and brand to new prospects and existing customers. We use a well-crafted approach which combines business communication best practices and the right amount of personal touch required to gain personal involvement from your potential leads and jump-start the relationship. We like to call this “our social selling approach”.

This strategy results in a substantially higher close ratio because staff members assigned to handle your business will be contacting only qualified customers. One other benefit of this strategy is increased brand awareness.

Our approach to telemarketing comes with access to other dedicated B2B services like:

Account Management

Dedicated staff members who are highly trained and know your business, having an in-depth understanding of your product or service.


Regular daily activities reporting highlighting activity/metrics and potential new leads identified.

Forensic Technology

Use of IT forensic technology to identify visits made to client websites together with visit source, name of page visited and visit duration.


Our tele sales services include handling of volume-oriented business-to-consumer sales campaigns. In a normal team configuration, we can handle up to 250 staff members per customer throughout the day, helping you achieve sales targets and generate business.

The members of our tele sales team act as quick messengers of your product and campaign, while being always aware of consumer needs and feed-back. They all master the art of conversation to the point where they can go through the agreed script without your customer suspecting the conversation is guided.

This type of interaction between your products and your customers is a quick enabler of your go to market strategy to obtain the desired return on investment.

Lead Generation

Create new sales opportunities!

Identifying the interest of potential customers towards a product or a service allows planning meetings between the sales agents and the prospects that can turn into customers. WPG agents contact the potential customers, qualifying them according to your requests; they create a specific action model and plan, by request, the acquisition meetings. Then, they transfer all this information to your sales team.

Up & Cross Selling – Maximize the return of your investment!

WPG takes on the responsibility of increasing the sales volume for existing customers, allowing your sales team to put their efforts into winning new customers. By highlighting the key features of your company’s products and services, our agents provide your customers with the best fit for their specific needs.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting: It is a universally difficult part of business development. Therefore, it is the most common roadblock to growing your company through increased profitable sales.

In most businesses, no sale will happen without first speaking directly with a prospect. If you can get in front of (or on the phone) with an opportunity, you can make the sale, right? The presentation itself is rarely the challenge; getting the presentation in front of a prospect set up is. Your success as an entrepreneur/salesperson requires you to become a skilled appointment setter.

Our B2B department is well trained in getting passed by the “gatekeeper” and the decision maker’s front. Thus introducing your business, product, or service to the “buying persona” and setting up a meeting with you or your salespeople.

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