Case Studies

The World’s Most Prestigious Esports Brand

Chosen in Q4-19 to take over the eCommerce support of the Shop and Event ticketing with bilingual English and German support for one of the world’s most prestigious Esports brands.

Added merchandise store support when they consolidated with the brand owner.
Consolidated multiple Zendesks that were disconnected across multiple departments.
Building and expanding a consolidated internal knowledge base.
Streamlined the delivery and refunds process, identifying cost savings and capturing additional revenue on refunds.
Achieved a 99.8% Customer Satisfaction rating.

Revenue Generation
WPG introduced cross & up-selling for their products, resulting in a 3% increase in revenue.

WPG launched only four days before “Black Friday” and resolved 85% of tickets on “first-touch” with a 100% customer satisfaction rating over that weekend.

Cost Saving
During our first performance review in December, the client confirmed he was; “thrilled with the work WPG had done and the progress his team had made in streamlining the order processes along with the excellent feedback from their fans.” He went on to say, “WPG had exceeded his expectations on all levels.” Adding he wanted to grow the team and to get WPG involved in more internal processes.

In Q3-2020, the brand merged its operations with a sister company. Today, WPG supports BOTH organizations under a new esports gaming banner.

Fast Reaction
During the Last week of Feb-20, the client cancelled a major event due to COVID-19. It was only one week before the event. They enlisted WPG’s help on 2-day notice to work all weekend managing their fan queries.

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