Case Studies

Global Motorsports

In 2018 WPG was chosen by the world’s most recognized and respected sports organizations to provide worldwide multilingual support for their dedicated “Over the Top” (OTT) streaming service to over 100 Countries.

A flexible team trained to embrace the sports culture.
Scales from 25 to 100+ agents on the fly during event weekends.
90%+ Fan satisfaction rating.
Embedded into B2B production team for events.
An outstanding senior operations team with enterprise experience.

Finely Tuned Team

From Day 1 – WPG has functioned like a finely-tuned team, with fast execution and adapting to constantly changing conditions.

RFP Request mid-Dec-17 – Responded in 1 week.
Awarded contract early Jan-18.
In only 80 Days to; leased & built a facility, hired and trained staff plus management (in 4 languages) for the 2018 streaming service launch in Australia on Mar 24-18.

Adjusting Staff Team size up and down by over 300% during the events and off-seasons.

Part of the B2B Production Team on weekends.
Fast Reaction
Managed all challenges and adjusted the staff and schedules as required.
Maintained a high overall Fan Satisfaction.
Revenue Generation
Protecting revenue by reducing churn – attaining substantial success.
Core Competency
Award-winning pedigree – with multiple honors from our peers.
Fast Reaction
Adapting daily to the constantly changing challenges of the COVID Crisis in 2020.

  • Scalable Down in 2020– Due to the COVID-19 crisis, adjusted Workforce headcount by 75%.
  • Scalable UP in 2021– Hiring 65 staff for the Launch of the 2021 Season.
  • Adding a further 25 staff after the first event of the season, when sales exceeded forecasts.

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